If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn- Ignacio Estrada

5 Smart Lessons

We were asked to come up with five lesson plans that would fit our subject area, here are five I thought would work with visual arts.  They were smart notebook lessons however I converted them to PDF to upload.


Drawing Cartoons PDF

Effective Pencil & Charcoal Shading

Famous People – Leonardo da Vinci


Value Scale and Shading


The government does sum it up pretty well! The government of Canada has a webpage devoted to tips on cyber safety for young individuals. This is a great idea not only do they give rules that parents should put in place for their children but also what to watch for.


Check it out here!

Integrating technology into the classroom is still a controversial topic to many educators around the world. Some say that technology is necessary for classrooms, while others refuse to work with it. Integrating technology into the Classroom makes both positive and negative points that are backed up by great data. Though I find they have more negative points then positive, the article is still a good read and may sway your judgement one way or the other.  They make some interesting points, such as how technology can assist the non-traditional learner ( someone who isn’t available to come to the classroom) or how technology should not be used just for technologies sake but to aide the learning process. Some negatives could be that technology changes too fast, we all know how quickly a computer or cell phone becomes outdated. I find to be a good point that we did not discuss in class, technology is rapidly changing so how can we make sure that we are teaching our students with up to date materials? Another negative point they  talk about is instructional quality. This could go both ways, if a teacher is trained or has prepared themselves with the technologies at hand there should be no concern. However, plenty of teachers teach themselves how to use many of the technologies that they do come in contact with. A quote I will take from the article is something that Molebash says,”we must always keep in mind that a good driver doesn’t watch the car’s hood while they are motoring down the road. Instead, a good driver carefully watches the road  ahead, looking for the obstacle and challenges that lie before them. It is time that education quit watching  it’s hood and start looking at the road ahead.”

Here is the link to the article Integrating Technology into the Classroom



My groups research and view on blogging in the classroom.

5 Useful Links





Building 21 Century Skills for High School Teachers 

* Would have been a great workshop for teachers.


*How to create a screen cast.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything

*She really does have a lot of good guides in here, particularly involving Ipads.

Graffiti Creator Or this link

* This is great for students who struggle with art, it engages them on a topic they are interested in today.

Drawing in One Point Perspective



It’s a work in progress, but check out my other blog, Learning Poi!

I can’t seem to upload a video from my desktop to my blog…. Any suggestions? It’s a video I recorded of myself not one I got from YouTube or anything, not to sure what to do here….?

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